Our IGNITE SERIES harnesses prevent you from falling in nearly every area of application. We have compiled some video tutorials to show how to put them on.

The IGNITE SERIES of harnesses impresses with its many clever details, which make it considerably easier to use by you when working at heights. These features include a clear labelling of the main anchor points in bright orange to prevent accidental anchoring on the wrong loops, high-quality hip and shoulder paddings and an adjuster that stops the straps from unwanted loosening.

In our video tutorials, we show you how these and some additional features work in practice. Watch them and learn how to put on our IGNITE SERIES harnesses.

IGNITE TRION, a full body harness for industry and trade:

IGNITE TRION, a full body harness for industry and trade

IGNITE ION, an all-round safety harness for all classical applications in construction and maintenance

IGNITE ARGON, a solid safety harness for rope access

IGNITE PROTON, the evolution of our popular ARG 51 for application areas such as wind energy